Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dahlias And Vases

Please everyone, take note of the deck chairs and camping table we are currently using in lieu of a proper dining table and chairs.  More importantly though, take note of the beautiful dahlias that I got at the South Melbourne Market yesterday, they are doing remarkably well considering that Will left them in the back of the car for 5 hours on a hot day.

The 'vase' is actually something I did for uni last year. I lined the inside of a wicker wine carrying basket with strips of plaster, similar to what you would get a broken bone set with I beleive.  

When the plaster dried, I pulled it out and the wicker had left a pattern on the plaster, it was a tangible record of a memory (that's the kind of thing I pondered about at uni).

You would be right in wondering how a plaster vessel acts as a vase... I put a glass inside which is what is holding the water and flowers. So this might not be right for mass production, but I certainly like it.

xo k

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